Speed Lanes

What are speed lanes?

Speed lanes are one of the most efficient ways to manage pedestrian traffic, whether in large a commercial building or within a smaller office building. With speed lanes you won’t compromise on the high levels of security needed. Speed lanes are designed to tackle some of the most challenging security issues.

Why invest in our speed lanes?

Our speed lanes are designed to prevent unauthorised access to your building, therefore, enhancing the overall security measures you have in place. Unlike common turnstile access, security issues such as tailgating and piggybacking do not happen as the speed lanes security design doesn’t allow for this to happen!

As they provide added security, speed lanes help you to streamline the pedestrian flow entering and/or exiting your premises. In turn this can prevent queues. This can be particularly beneficial during peak hours of entrance / exit. The level of enhanced security offered by speed lanes mean that there is a reduced need for extra security and other personnel.

When speed lanes are regularly serviced and maintained they will continue to meet regulatory industry standards and requirements for the use of safe access control and security. Our speed lanes are easy to install, and they often don’t require work to be taken underground, therefore, work to install them can be completed quickly. We can install the equipment at a time that suits you and your business / premises to avoid disruption during normal office hours.

How do speed lanes work?

Speed lanes are designed to allow access to a building at a rate of 25-30 people per minute in either direction. We can install multiple lanes side by side using double sided intermediate pedestals, this will allow for speedier throughput especially on busier entrances.

Speed Gates aim to provide a fast, dynamic and secure way to manage entrance control. Our PG300 paddle leafed speed gate, is made to be slimline and is made with safe transparent plexiglass and comes in a range of optional glass heights and lane widths.

In the event of a fire or emergency evacuation of the premises, the gates will automatically open to allow free flowing exit for everyone on the premises.

When a valid card is presented the illuminated, the glass doors of the speed lane will open in less than 1 second!!  The movement of the user is monitored through the lane by several built in photoelectric safety beams, meaning as soon as they have passed through the lane, the glass doors will return to the closed position in the same short time it took for them to open!

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Why should you invest in our speed lanes?
Aesthetically and streamlined design with fast throughput.
Easy to install, maintain and service.
Wheelchair / Bulky Item Accessibility.
Fire Alarm Integration.
There are twelve configurable operating parameters that can adjust the working mode of the lane and its level of security/safety.
Security Features:
Tailgate detection/alarm. - Loitering alarm. - Wrong direction of travel alarm. - Crawling alarm. - Obstacles made from 12mm plexiglass as standard. - Optional output to trigger CCTV or lock doors. - Optional glass heights up to 1.7m to prevent jumping over.
Safety Features:
8 send and receive passage detection and safety sensors in the top rail. - 8 send and receive enhanced safety detection sensors in the bottom rail. - Force limiter. - Fire alarm input. - Power failure free movement

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