Automatic Gates

Automated Gates & Barriers in Warrington: Installation & Maintenance

Redzvision Security ’s world of superior security comes with an unyielding commitment to safety. Our automated gates and barriers make getting in and out straightforward for your staff. BUT tricky for criminals. Your deliveries are easy to manage while unauthorised vehicles are kept out!

Robust superior security, convenience and peace of mind!

Safety First and ALWAYS: Our unyielding commitment

Safety isn’t an added-extra for us; it’s the heart of everything we do. Hence our Gate Safe accreditation and IOSH Gate Safe course (covering installation and safety device usage).

Expect detailed force testing and risk assessments to find and mitigate risks. And adjusting elements like your motor speed to ensure your gate or barrier operates safely.

In settings like schools, safety is crucial. Installing rubber guards over hinge points means even the most curious little hands remain safe. It’s an attention to detail that ensures all our gates and barriers provide the security you want without compromising safety.

That’s why we adhere to British Standards, including BS EN 13241-1:2003, BS EN 12635, and BS EN 12978. And why your duty of care to staff and visitors will always be fully covered.

Anything less and your responsible person or building owner/manager is at risk of prosecution. Choosing a professional, qualified installer is the wise choice!

Maintenance: an MOT for your Automated Gates and Barriers

Think of your gate as a high-performance Lamborghini. Would you drive your pride and joy for years without servicing it?

Indeed. Likewise, your gate/barrier needs a regular MOT and maintenance.

We recommend annual servicing, to keep your gates and barriers working like they should. Keeping the bad guys out and avoiding expensive repairs down the line

Electric Gates & Barriers in Warrington and the North West: take your first step to superior security

You’ll love the warm feeling that comes with superior security and uncompromised safety. It’s called peace of mind for a reason!

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Easy access with intercoms

You’ll love the convenience of an integrated intercom system. Select from wired intercoms to cutting-edge Wi-Fi and GSM phone intercoms with video. Control your gates directly from an app on your phone. No worries about lost gate fobs!
Sliding Gates
Slide horizontally on a track to open and close
Swing Gates
Open outward or inward, swinging from a single point of attachment
Bi-Folding Gates
Fold back on themselves
Telescopic Gates
Sections slide over one another. Perfect for wide entrances
Cantilever Gates
Slide on rollers mounted on a counterbalance without a ground track
Boom Barriers
Common, in car parks. A pivoting arm rises to allow entry
Short, sturdy vertical posts used to control traffic
Heavy-duty barriers that rise from the ground to prevent vehicular access

Accredited and authorised installer for superior security with top quality equipment